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As a result, we have implemented strict social distancing measures, to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

 A Risk assessment has been carried out and our new protocol is as follows


  • All clients from a household where there is a case or symptoms of Covid-19, or who is self-isolating, should NOT attend the K9 Aqua Sports area.
  • Face masks must be worn by anyone entering our registration area and while in our K9 Aqua Sports compound, and while working with all K9 Aqua Sports Staff.
  • There should only be a maximum of two people per team in the queue and on the dock while in the K9 Aqua Sports area.
  • Only one person may come up to the desk while signing up ensuring they are keeping their 2 meters distance. 
  • Staff will be wearing face masks and gloves as PPE. Please ensure your dog has been exposed to this kind of appearance.
  • Dog’s collar and lead/harness must be removed by owner once up on the back of the dock.
  • No members of the public/ customers are to enter the K9 Aqua Sports area without the consent of the staff member present.
  • Owners must secure their dog once their session has ended, with their own collar and lead/harness before leaving the top of the dock. 
  • A social distance of 2m minimum is required, at ALL times. 
  • Staff members will be sanitizing all areas after each customer.
  • All participant MUST use hand sanitise when in our area.

By signing up to participate with K9 Aqua Sports you are agreeing to the above changes in the Terms & Conditions.

Changes we have made…

  • All clients from a household where there is a case (or symptoms) of Covid-19, or who is self-isolating, should NOT attend the K9 Aqua Sports area.
  • All surfaces and equipment will be disinfected after every session.
  • Only two people to enter our area with their dog.
  • Dog’s collar and lead/harness must be removed by owner.
  • Staff members will be wearing PPE (face mask and gloves) so please, if you can, allow your dogs to see you in a mask. This will mean they will be less concerned by our appearance when they arrive at our K9 Aqua Sports Area.

What to expect when you arrive…

  • Please wait at the bottom of the steps until a member of staff comes to greet you. ​
  • Please keep 2 meters from other customers and members of staff at all times.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer stations provided both at the desk when signing up and at the bottom of both stairs before going up and after your session.
  • Please take a glove from the bottom of the steps after sanitizing your hands and use this glove to pick up the ball/ toy while on the dock, once finished please take the ball and glove with you and place the ball in the bucket at the bottom of the steps and the glove In the bin bag provided, then please sanitizer your hands with the hand sanitizer provided.
  • We appreciate some dogs find it difficult without owners being nearby, but only two people per dog are allowed in the K9 Aqua Sports area.
  • Please remember, we must adhere to the rules as best as we can for everyone’s safety.
  • Please do not touch the pool or surrounding area.

Please speak to us at any time if you have any concerns.

 We appreciate this may sound very regimented, but we have tried our hardest to accommodate the new protocols for Covid-19.

​Social distancing protocols, and additional cleaning of high frequency touch points are among the measures we are implementing. These measures are designed to safeguard the health and wellbeing of everyone involved in your dog’s session.

We would like to say a huge thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding at these difficult times and we really look forward to seeing you and your dog’s again soon.

K9 Aqua Sports Team

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